The first of hopefully many posts to follow! My aim in creating this wiki is to gather as much knowledge as possible in a central location. I hope by letting this be done by all members of the snowdrop community, it will be possible to get a comprehensive idea about all cultivars, as well as top quality knowledge about snowdrop cultivation of different species.

Everyone, including anonymous posters, can add and edit articles. I haven’t completely succeeded in allowing anyone to publish and edit articles – if you’re anonymous you unfortunately cannot add any images or other media – but I do hope that it feels like an open environment for posting. Send me an email with your image if you wish to stay anonymous, I will add it to your post. The only limitation that I added is that I want to be able to check and approve wiki posts. This is only to prevent deliberate sabotage or posting of inappropriate material. Hope you understand and are still happy to publish away!

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