Galanthus cilicicus

Galanthus cilicicus is another autumn to winter flowering species, like G. reginae-olgae and G. peshmenii. In contrast with both of these snowdrops however, G. cilicicus‘ flowers emerge at the same time as its leaves (1, 2). Its name derives from the region of Çukurova, in classical times known as Cilicia, in the area between the Taurus mountains and the Mediterranean sea at heights of 500-600m. As such, the hardiness of the plant in more temperate regions is questionable. It is rare in the wild. The plant has applanate verniation, leaves reach a size of 15-18 x 0,5-0,8cm. Flower scapes grow to 10-18cm.

G. cilicicus in the garten of Cyril Thibo, posted with permission.

Most galanthophiles grow the bulb under cold glass, to enjoy the flowers and leaves in autumn (November-December). The plant is closely related to g. peshmenii, but of a less robust nature, causing it to appear only in few, specialist collections.

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