Galanthus lagodechianus

Galanthus lagodechianus, synonyms G. kemulariae, G. artjuschenkoae, is another snowdrop species from the Caucasus (1). Mostly present at the central and eastern Caucusus. The plant can be found in alpine conditions, at heights of 1800-2400m. Its name means ‘from Lagodekhi’, a nature reserve in eastern Georgia. It is closely related to Galanthus rizehensis, but is known to flower later (January-April in the wild (2), February-March in cultivation). Like this species, it displays applanate verniation. In comparison to G. rizehensis, its leaves are more shiny. A final difference is the chromosome number 2n=72, which is different from all other snowdrop species. Flower scapes can range from 3,5-20cm in size. Leaves grow to 7,5-18cm in length and are 0,5-1cm broad. In common with most snowdrop species, it grows in deciduous forests.

G. lagodechianus at a snowdrop sale.

G. lagodechianus is well established in culture and as an alpine species quite hardy in western Europe.

G. lagodechianus in the garden of Cyril Thibo, posted with permission.

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