Galanthus panjutinii

Galanthus panjutinii was only recently properly described (1), and can be found in the Colchis area of western Transcaucasia. It is related to G. krasnovii and G. platyphyllus. It is named after climber and naturalist Platon Sergeevich Panjutin. As seems to be the case for many Galanthus, the plant can be found at the border of the lower alpine mountains, along streams in deciduous forest. It was found at heights ranging from 400 to 1800m. The plant flowers with scapes of 19-25cm length in April to June, probably fruiting from May to July. Leaves are of supervolute verniation and when mature reach sizes from 22-25cm length and 2-4cm width.

The species is considered ‘endangered’. Unfortunately, one of the sites of one location was probably destroyed during construction of one of the facilities of the 2014 Winter Olympics.

  1. Zubov, DA, Davis, AP. Galanthus panjutinii sp. nov.: a new name for an invalidly published species of Galanthus (Amaryllidaceae) from the northern Colchis area of Western Transcaucasia. 2012 Phytotaxa 50:55-63
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