Ronald Mackenzie

Ronald Mackenzie is a yellow-flowered G. gracilis, the first of its kind. It is the namesake snowdrop of Dr. Ronald Mackenzie, a famous British general practioner, as well as a pioneer of snowdrop propagation through twin scaling and chipping. Through his “the Snowdrop Company” many varieties were spread to an even wider audience of Galanthophiles than was possible before his advances in propagation. The Snowdrop Company was founded in 1991 (1) and finally ceased trading in 2014 (2), but Dr. Ronald Mackenzie still grows many wonderful snowdrops in his garden. Dr. Mackenzie regularly won awards for his snowdrop displays at RHS shows and received an Alpine Garden society Kath Dryden Award in 2003 in recognition of his work (1).

Fittingly, this wonderful snowdrop has one of the most beautiful, deep yellow colours known to any snowdrop. Although it can be a tricky drop to grow, some have found great success in multiplying the plant. Even growing entire clumps.

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